When we are dealing with our customer’s it is very important to ask about .com and .net domain name extensions. For achieving the business goal and search rankings domain name plays a very important role. In this article, we will explain the Comparison Between Com and Net Domains name extension and which one is good for your website.

What are .com and .net domain name?

Basically, the domain name is an address that you put on your web browser and get the access of the desired domain. For Example www.wordpress.com in this address .com is the extension and WordPress is the name of a website and in the language of the internet, this full address is called URL.Domain names are available in different names like .com .net.org .live. Today etc.





We can select a domain from any of these for our webpage but these extensions are built to differentiate between various kinds of web pages.

We have to select that domain which is suitable for our business. Like if we are building a consulting organizational webpage we have to choose .org domain extension.

After all, this next thing is to compare the difference between .net and .com domain name extension to check that which one is suitable for our direct business.

Difference between .com and .net?

Both are the most famous domain name extension. If our relevant domain name .Com name extension is not accessible then many domain name alternator suggest. We can use .Net domain extension as a substitute but in some situations, it is not a perfect substitute for our business in order to get our objectives.

.Com domain name extension symbolizes “Commercial” domain names. This extension contains all professional web pages and also that web pages which are used for making money, blogs, personal web pages and whatever related to them. On the other hand .Net domain extension symbolizes “Network”. Which is fit for email and service providers.

Why Should We Choose .Com Domain Name Extension?

As .Com domain name extension has now turn into the part of the internet. According to analysis, 46% of all certified domain names are .Com domain. It is a convenient way for the consumers to recall the .Com domain in the lead of .Net domain name or any either domain name extension. The fame of .Com name causes to sponsor and flourish our business.

We should constantly manipulate.Com domain name extension whatever we decide to make any type of professional webpage. It provides us with a well-known address of our website and also gives a professional look to our profession or business. We face some trouble due to fame of .Com domain name all the famous names are previously seized. But there are various resale techniques to achieve the suitable .com domain name.

Tips for achieving the perfect .com domain name are as follows.

  • Constantly manipulate online domain name alternator.
  • The domain name can be easily pronounced.Use of hyphens and underscore should be avoided.
  • If the relevant domain name is already used previously then the addition of small words to that name can make it unique. Like theopexconsulting.com the domain name should symbolize our profession and what work we do. Like www.theopexconsulting.com is more suitable than the www.opex.com.
  • These tools will help us in order to choose a versatile domain name and give us a unique idea.

When You Need .Net Domain Name extension?

When we are going proposal for networking, internet, email, database or other services, then we use .Net domain but if it is suitable for our brand we also use it.

Like here the example is described www.besthistorysites.net is a well-known site which customizes a .net domain name for their webpage. When they are constructing a network connection among histories of various countries then it is suitable for them. According to analysis, 4% domain names are certified as .Net. The recorders now started to introduce .Net and other domain names as a substitute of .Com domain name because of its low rating quality. Fundamentally it was assumed to be a domain name for internet and network service suppliers. Still .Com domain name is used by various real and popular companies for their business like www.comcast.net will take you to their .com website.

There are various businesses which are certified as .Net domain name for their brand. These companies are unable to convert their .Com domain name. However, some companies do not achieve their relevant name on .Com domain name extension. But the majority of companies converted to .Com domain name extension but they use .Net domain name for professional guidance. Majority of the companies transfer to .com domain name extensions but they keep .net domain name for technical support.


Com vs Net Which One Is Better for SEO? (Search Engine Optimization)

Many consumers inquire about this that which domain will benefit them in making their ranks higher. Both of domain .Com and .Net do not any influence on the SEO.SEO will consider both domain name extension equally. We will only concentrate on our Seo and develop beneficial targeted text to make rank higher.

The main part is a domain name not its extension.

Like www.opexconuslting.com will www.opex.com  rank more prominent than as it includes keywords that are most likely to explore by people.

How to Buy a Domain?

There are two methods to achieve a domain. We can select any of them which is most suitable.

1:- Get A FREE Domain Name with BlueHost

Mostly we will give 10$ once a year for domain and 10$ once a year for hosting. Now if you are at the starting stage this quantity is not reasonable for us. Fortunately, BlueHost are presenting WP Beginner a free domain name and 60% exemption on hosting.

2:- Register a Domain Name

If we don’t want to construct webpage we can register domain name also without webpage and other sometimes we can create a webpage for it.

We are suggesting you use Godaddy and name.com. Both of these are two most big domain name registration company which are supervising 72+ million domain names.

At the end hope so after this article we will be able to differentiate between .Com & .Net domain name extension.


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