Laravel Composer Install, Don’t Install Laravel Framework

Laravel Composer Install, Don’t Install Laravel Framework

While updating the composer you encounter an unknown and strange error “Laravel Composer Install, Don’t Install Laravel Framework”. That is happened due to mismatch of laravel version and the package version.

Sometimes package version is latest and laravel version is old or vice versa sometimes. Both needs to be latest or same version to support each other.

Possible Solution 1: Don’t Install Laravel/Framework

By running this command, it will revert or update the composer.json after that you can run composer update command to make the changes you want.

Possible Solution 2:

Follow the below steps to diagnose the problem.

  1. go to composer.json file
  2. look for packages which you don’t use
  3. remove them from the require list
  4. then run composer update



If you still need help regarding the issue of Laravel Composer Install, Don’t Install Laravel Framework, don’t hesitate to ask us in the comment.


Jquery Screen Width and Jquery on Window Resize

Jquery Screen Width and Jquery on Window Resize

Jquery screen width condition will be executed while loading the document. Jquery on window resize play a nice role for developers to help with jquery media queries.

Solution to Jquery Screen Width

The above code will help you to allocate the width of the screen as the page start loading.

The first line is the condition to check whether the window’s width is smaller than 960, if that is true it will alert the “less than 960” text.

You May Want Jquery on window resize to play around

Here is another solution to jquery screen width but this time screen width resize.

$(window).resize() function is playing role here and it will watch for the resizing of windows and will act according.

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Do you still need something very simple?

Also, give try to this one as well

You can also target a specific Id, Class or Div to put condition on your query. replace the ‘body’ with your tag or attribute

If Window Width Jquery – Last Example

You can play with If and else as you want but you can use if window width jquery to help you out in this case.

Wrapping Up the Jquery on Window Resize

Jquery basically help you in doing more with writing less code. The above functions will help you to get the value of screen width. If there is still something confusing please put your query in the comment section.

Create Android Transparent Activity in 3 Possible Ways

Create Android Transparent Activity in 3 Possible Ways

Sometimes we need to have android transparent activity and transparent screen in our Application, which is totally possible by playing around with the android activity and resource file a little bit. You can create transparent activity on android by applying the possible three ways to accomplish your goal.

Possible Solution 1

Look for the style.xml file in the resource folder, or simply go to res/values/styles.xml, open it and add the following code to it.

The value of @color/transparent is #000000, which you can add to your project. (if you’re not familiar to it then follow the below)

Now create another file in the resource folder and name it as “colors.xml” and paste the following code in it.

You can add more colors to it according to your needs.

In your activity file, you can now add the following transparent background to your activity tag.

If Your App is Crashing then it is derived from AppCompatActivity, so remove parent=”android:Theme” from the parent tag and it will start working.

[Android Error] Facing error in the intent filter? get your solution now. 

Possible Solution 2

Adding this code to your activity tag in manifest file will make android transparent activity. Assign Translucent Theme to the activity and it will work fine.

Possible Solution 3

This is also a possible way to create android transparent activity, just add that one line to your onCreate function, just below the setContentView which will make the background completely transparent.

For the dialogs, you can use this code to make an Android transparent activity

Final Words on Android Transparent Activity

These three possible solutions or ways can help you to create transparent activities on android. If none of them works for you just let us know in the comment section, we will try our best to get back to you as soon as possible. Please provide us with all the details, what you’ve already applied and little snap your code would be highly appreciated.