You need to specific table migration in Laravel because you don’t want to drop or trunk the existing data within the tables or for some other reasons you just don’t want to play with the database.

Create a migration first

Open your terminal and run this command.


Create a new folder in migrations

Here you will need to create a new folder within the migrations folder, for now let’s create a new folder labeling as ‘ mrasta ‘

Move your file

You need to move your newly created migration file to the newly created folder (mrasta)

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Open the terminal once again and finally hit the below command


By running the above migrate command, it will only migrate the newly created files within the specified directory which you have created, in the above example the command will migrate all of the files in “mrasta folder”.

Wrapping up Specific Table Migration in Laravel

That is how we do migrate a specific table in Laravel, if you still face any trouble, let us know in the comment section. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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